Because We Could

We’ve been married for 25+ years. We’ve been parents for 22. We’ve loved and we’ve lost. We’ve made stupid decisions, and we’ve made great decisions. We’ve gotten into and out of holes. We’ve kept our heads above water, and we’ve been washed away at times.

And, frankly, we just had enough.

For a number of years, we’ve known that this is what we were meant to do – travel and be a full time adventuring family. Not being full time workers, not being full time bill-payers, not being full time worriers. We were meant to do something more – EVERYONE was meant for more.

“The American Dream” to us is a dream of freedom. It’s a dream of being able to do precisely what you want, when you want, and in the manner you see fit – without anyone looking at you sideways for doing what is good and right for you and yours.

Our kids were into it. Our businesses could (maybe) support it. We were just crazy enough, just tired enough. Just ready.

Because ANYONE Can

We did this because it was right for us. We think that leaving the mainstream is good – and we hope that more people WILL strike out and get “weird.” We’d like to maybe stoke a little fire in folks. The world needs people to break away and shake it up a little bit. Not saying that we’re some sort of rabble-rousing pirates out to pillage – we’re out to shake up OUR reality and make our lives a little better and more interesting. We hope that our lives become better, more peaceful, more “full.” We plan to change the world – even if in a tiny way – by living the best lives we can live. We hope our lives can inspire – or at least entertain.

Imagine what the world would look like if everyone was just happy…

Because It Was Time

Our kids are growing up. One of them has already left the nest. Life is short – and getting shorter every day.

We decided that NOW was the time to leave it all behind. Sell everything and hit the road. Sure, we wanted a larger RV. We wanted more money in the bank. Maybe that was just more of the typical American Dream creeping in. Got to have security, got to have a fat bank roll. Why? Was that our choice, or the choice that “society” puts on us? We should wait until it was all a little firmer, all a little easier, right?

But why should we wait? If we waited around for the perfect time, there’s a damned good chance that time would never arrive. If we waited for the green light from our finances or our friends or society-in-general, we’d probably find ourselves 25 years from now, sitting in a rocker at a retirement home, still waiting. There was NEVER going to be the perfect time – except NOW.

So, we left. It was hard. Sure, we could have planned better or prepared more. But – it was time.

Because We‘re The Normalest Freaks You’ll Meet

Yeah, there are a fair few travel bloggers and full-time family RVers out there. Plenty of blogs. We plan on doing this in our own way – and we want to show the experience, warts and all. We don’t have all the answers, we’re not professionals, and this is a pretty raw experience for us. WE DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE DOING AND WE DON’T HAVE A CLUE HOW IT WILL ALL PLAY OUT – and that’s o.k. Does everything have to be safe and simple?

We’ve always lived without a wad of extra cash or an iron-clad fallback plan – and we figure that makes us pretty “normal.” We didn’t do this to get rich or famous. We didn’t do this to blog it and wind up with our own TV show. We just wanted to document one family’s search for peace and happiness. We actually hope to inspire other folks to blaze and follow their own path – whether it seems crazy or impossible or just straight up stupid. Find the way that is right for you and your family and those you love. That’s what we’re looking for – we’ll let you know when we find it.

The blog will get personal, and there’ll be plenty of over-sharing. But, that’s pretty much what the whole internet is, right?

Enjoy the ramblings, share the love, scratch your head – but have fun. That’s what this is really all about.