Other Things We Do

Here’s what we do to support our grand adventure. Be sure to check ’em out and throw a little support our way.

Blue Dozen Design - Web and Marketing - Asheville NC

Starting in 1999, Blue Dozen Design has been a fixture in Asheville’s design and development community. Hundreds of websites from ecommerce juggernauts to small one-page affairs, a zillion logos and more marketing than you can shake a stick at has given Blue Dozen Design a unique and varied expertise in all things design, pixel and promotion.

Need a site? Need a brand? Need to get eyeballs on your business/cause/product? WE DO THAT.

LilyGiggle Sewing Patterns

This is Beth’s baby. Gorgeous, easy-to-sew kids clothing patterns available for instant download. Bright and fun, but ultimately comfortable and wearable, LilyGiggle clothes are great for play or for “formal” occasions.

Featured in numerous blogs and articles, LilyGiggle.com has been around for a good while – and has built a large and dedicated following! Visit today – and sew some happy!

How in the world do we not stay sick all the time when we are out in so many “people-y” places?  Well, if it weren’t for the well developed arsenal of tried and true natural remedies that we’ve acquired over our 20+ years of parenting, we certainly would be. That’s for sure!