The Folks Behind the Wheel

We’re THOSE Gaffneys. We’re a family of seven, and six of us are on the road. We fuss, we fight, we adventure and we’re out to prove (to ourselves) that life can be bigger and more grand – even if you’ve got about 3 square feet of personal space.

Big Small Life - Maine


Likes coffee. Drives the Dolphin. 25+ year “creative services” veteran. Plays guitar (poorly,) loves a good local brew and Goodwill. Dad.


Likes coffee. Drives The Toad. 25+ years suffering through being married to a “creative services” veteran. Loves a good moscato. Fashion designer, graphic artist, cat herder. Mom.


Likes sodie pops and Papa John’s. Aspiring professional skateboarder and code wrangler. Fueled by ham and egg sandwiches. Confused by modern society.


Trained as part of an off-world kick murder squad. Loves animals, irritates siblings. Eats mayonnaise on hot dogs. Keep your chips away from this one, or you will no longer have chips.


Little one. Loves guinea pigs, squirrels, dogs, cats and pretty much anything with fur and whiskers. If there’s water nearby, that’s where you’ll find her.

The Wheeze

Specializes in monster trucks, cars, marbles, tracks and throwing rocks. Terrifies mom because nothing terrifies The Wheeze. Fun fact: his head is twice the size it should be. Makes shirts an adventure.

We’re actually a pretty normal family from Asheville, NC, living through some extraordinary adventures. We decided that there HAD to be more to life than working to pay the bills, playing on the weekends and waking up to do it all over again.

So, we’re doing THIS. We figured if we’re going to struggle – why not struggle from the most interesting places in the United States? It’s not that Asheville wasn’t great – it’s just that we thought that there’s even greater “out there.”

“Out there” is everywhere – and we intend to be “out there” for a long time. We started this site as a way to keep the family up-to-date, and hopefully to spread the message that no matter where you are in life, “out there” is just outside your door. If we can do it – if we can just up and leave – anyone can do it. We’re not all that special…